When it comes to hair, most women can’t help wondering what men think of it. According to a Pantene poll, 74% of men notice a woman because of her hair. It also found that men are more likely to approach a woman with great hair than one with a low-cut shirt.
So what is it that makes for noticeable hair? Here are a few insider tips: men generally prefer long hair with natural, soft texture. They also tend to be more attracted to shiny hair. And what about the color? They find blondes to be less serious and more playful. Red hair tends to be a warning sign, but it still has a classic, confident beauty. Studies show men would settle down with a brunette because dark hair seems more intelligent and attractive.
It’s not hard to get hair color every man will notice. Even better, you can coyly hide any stubborn grays that age you before your time. The trick is finding a way to do it without breaking the bank with expensive salon bills. Here to offer you winning color at a fraction of the price is eSalon.com.
The innovators at eSalon have found a way to offer it all – quality home coloring products at an affordable price with the personal guidance of a highly trained salon professional.

eSalon’s haircolor solution

eSalon sells hair color for home coloring, but it’s nothing like the drug store experience, where customers are forced to settle for pre-mixed colors off the shelf. Celebrity colorist and eSalon Color Director Estelle Baumhauer – who has taught coloring techniques for salons in such fashion forward cities as Paris and New York — explains eSalon’s simple process.
“You just log onto our website and one of our color experts will be there,” said Baumhauer (who, by the way, has worked with several high profile clients, including Hilary Clinton, Nicole Kidman and Yoko Ono). “We’re that accessible. You can talk to us on the phone or through email. And after our consultation, we’ll blend your color the same way we would at a salon, with the same high quality color. The personalized pigment we create will actually have your name on the bottle, because it’s made for you and no one else.”
Made from high quality dyes, the pigment provides long lasting color, 100% gray coverage, while leaving hair silky soft, thanks to their blend of vitamin E, B5 and aloe vera extracts.
And for the ultimate in convenience, each order is delivered right to the client’s door-step for $19.95. Compare that to the $100-plus price tags stylists prefer to charge.
“I’m proud of the service we provide for busy, professional women,” says Baumhauer, a licensed cosmetologist herself trained by top colorists in Paris over 20 years ago. “It’s an alternative no one else in the business can bring them.”

article source : http://www.haircolorforwomen.com